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Disaster Strikes. Is Your Team Ready?

When an emergency happens, the “Big One” hits, or you’re in the middle of an active intruder situation  who do you turn to? Should you run for help or duck for cover? Is each individual in your team ready to fulfil their designated role? Does a plan exist?

Karste Consulting provides your team with the tools to be confident in their training when faced with an emergency situation.  We prepare your staff and organization with focused Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Education, Planning, Training, Exercises, and more. By keeping it simple and designing specific plans around the needs of your organization your team will be effectively educated and trained to fulfill their role during an emergency.

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​​Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Education
Disaster & Emergency Planning
Disaster & Emergency Management Training and Exercises
Emergency Operation Center Design and Equipping
Site Safety and Vulnerability Assessment
School Site Emergency Operations Planning and Training
Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Education

This is the foundation for any disaster resilient organization, Karste Consulting Inc. will work with your team and employees on your organization's preparedness plan.

This plan will include:

  • Training employees about personal and family preparedness.
  • Disaster supply kit development.
  • Reviewing your organization’s site preparedness plan and supplies.
  • Providing sample resources to support this plan and your staff.
  • Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Website Information Review
Disaster & Emergency Planning

Disaster planning is critical to any organization’s ability to survive a disaster; Karste Consulting, Inc. will work with your team to do the following:  
  • Perform a Disaster and Emergency needs assessment.
  • Review your organization’s disaster plan.
  • To do Emergency and Disaster Plan updates.
  • Help you develop a mitigation process for hazards you have identified.
  • Update and or develop a disaster plan that meets your organization’s needs.
  • Develop a communication plan.
  • Multi-agency coordination planning.

Disaster & Emergency Management Training & Exercises

Once your Disaster and Emergency plans are in place, it is critical that your team have the training required to successfully execute that plan. There are two critical parts for your team to complete: Training and Exercising. Karste Consulting, Inc. will work with your team to develop a training program that meets your needs.

We can provide the following training processes:

  • Provide a Disaster and Emergency training needs assessment.
  • SEMS and NIMS training.
  • Train your team in their roles and responsibilities during an event and  how they will work with one another and other agencies.
  • Disaster service worker training.
  • Emergency operations center training.
  • Workplace and employee preparedness training.
  • Community preparedness education.
  • Volunteer training and coordination training.
  • Shelter management training.

Creating exercises that are relevant to your team is an important to Karste Consulting Inc., we can provide a variety of exercise models.

  • Tabletop, functional and full scale exercise.
  • Full exercise scenario development depending on your needs
  • Multi-agency and responder exercise development.
  • Exercise organization and planning / implementation.

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Emergency Operation Center Design and Equipping

During a disaster or emergency many organizations will need to set up a control center or a meeting/ coordination area. This is where your team will work during an event. These are often referred to as “Emergency Operations Centers.”

Karste Consulting will work with your organization to develop:

  • A needs assessment for the development of an “Emergency Operations Center.”
  • Review and evaluate your current “Emergency Operations Center” and its functionality.
  • Provide equipping recommendations for your “Emergency Operations Center.”
  • Review your communications systems within the  “Emergency Operations Center.”

Site Safety and Vulnerability Assessment

Site safety and vulnerability assessments are valuable tools to many organizations and communities. Karste Consulting Inc. has a model that is made up of the following:

  • Asset Reviews.
  • Hazard Identification.
  • Security Review.
  • Threat Indicators.
  • Mitigation Options.

School Site Emergency Operations Planning and Training

School site Emergency Operations Planning and Training is critical to the safety of our children. Karste Consulting Inc. has developed customized programs for school districts and school sites. These programs include:

  • Site safety analysis.
  • Site and Employee disaster preparedness.
  • Emergency management and operations training.
  • Active Intruder Protocol Review.
  • Disaster supply cache development.

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