About Us
Karste Consulting Inc. is an Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Consulting Firm that focuses on Emergency Management Planning and Training for cities, schools, and large and small organizations in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have been in business since 2011. Our emphasis is on preparing your staff, your site and your team. Emergencies and Disasters can be very intimidating to your employees; we work with each client to develop a non-threatening specialized training that will help your team to develop a level of confidence and comfort working in these situations.

A few of our past clients include, the City of Antioch, Antioch Unified School District, COMCAST, City of Martinez, Novato Unified School District, City of Berkeley, City of Pittsburg, City of Pleasant Hill, USS POSCO and Tri Delta Transit.


“We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs and concerns first, so that your team can effectively  and confidently respond to an emergency when they encounter it.”

Roland "Lonnie" Karste


Emergency Management & 

Disaster Preparedness Consultant

Lonnie Karste founded Karste Consulting, Inc. in 2011 after serving as the City of Antioch’s Emergency Service Manager for 11 years. Prior to Lonnie’s position at the City of Antioch he served as a municipal administrator for 35 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since the inception of Karste Consulting, Inc. Lonnie has worked extensively with municipalities, schools and businesses to create disaster resilient organizations with an emphasis on training and preparedness.
Lonnie is a lifelong and native Californian, with this comes an inherent understanding of the special needs our state requires in the area of disaster and emergency preparedness.  Lonnie focuses on each client’s individual circumstances to develop a unique program specifically designed to meet the needs of their organization.

Lonnie received his Bachelor and Master's Degrees from the University of San Francisco in Public Administration.  In addition, Lonnie has extensive course training from the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI); including the following Certifications: Earthquake Preparedness School; Emergency Operations Center Design; Disaster Planning; Public Information; Terrorism School; Emergency Plan Development Updates Training; SEMS and NIMS Instructor Training Program; OES training update workshops and Red Cross Shelter Management.

Lonnie understands the concept of disaster preparedness can be frightening and overwhelming especially in the face of an imminent threat and it is his goal that he and the Karste Consulting Team provide your team with the tools to be confident in their training when faced with an emergency situation.  Lonnie is a firm believer that Emergency Management is a process, not a project.